Heather Houghton

Heather Houghton

Christian music writer

My heart's desire is to serve the Lord Jesus: so it has been a real blessing to bring together the songs I have composed over the years, most often based on verses from the Bible into an album.  I have been encouraged along the way by my husband, Tony.

My prayer is that these songs will draw you closer to Christ and that you will use and adapt them for church worship, youth and  children groups. The scores are available.

I pray that these songs are widely used and adapted to different situations and settings to glorify the Lord.

My main website is www.heatherhoughton.co.uk

Digital downloads can be purchased at CDBaby

The Lord is with youThe riches of God's grace

The songs are from the 1st album: 'The Lord is with you.'

and the 2nd album: "The riches of God's grace."

  ultimas partituras  
Rebuild your walls, Op.2
Religioso / Cristão
The song of the trees, Op.2
Religioso / Cristão
What can I give?, Op.2
Religioso / Cristão