The song of the trees, Op.2

KomponistHeather Houghton
Heather Houghton
Texter Heather Houghton
VerlegerHeather Houghton
Genre Geistliche Musik / Christliche
Instrumentierung Klavier, Geige, Stimme
Art der PartiturLeadsheet
Tonart F-Dur
Länge 3'57"
Schwierigkeitsgrad Leicht
Jahr der Komposition 2013
From the album: 'The riches of God’s grace’ by Heather Houghton. The album takes you on a journey of faith: this song was written to celebrate that, Jesus, you are my King. It is based on the parable in Judges 9: 7-20.
Buy music at Album note: I have been composing songs for many years, but in recent years God has blessed us with a creative period with many new songs in this album and some that I wrote some time ago. I love the Bible and use the power of God's word to lift, encourage and challenge is in the journey of faith and life.

Datum des Uploads: 05 Nov 2015

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